Posted by: crustynomad | June 15, 2007

Internal Communications

I wanted to come up with a title that was witty and encourage further reading but I’m afraid I just can’t. Communications means being and clear and to the point so I will not faff about but just say it as it is. 🙂

Why this topic? Well, I’ve been having a look around the job market of late and considering my options of a bit of a career shift.

I still enjoy graphic design and marketing but I need a bit of freshen up in as I’ve been in my current role by the best part of four years now. I need a bit of jolt to get some positive momentum going again.

One position I am considering is in Internal Communications at a major UK utility provider. Having read through the job specification for this role I firmly believe I have the necessary skills and experience to allow myself to be put forward as a candidate.

While I am not educated to the required degree standard nor have CIM or CAM qualification, I do not believe that this should preclude me from persuing this role further. If this lack of certification is deemed detrimental to my application I am more than willing to persue these qualifications to ensure I am able to do the role justice. Indeed, I would strongly push that the opportunity to learn by either distance learning or on-site training was made available not only to me but to any member of the Internal Communications and Marketing Services teams.

However, any progressive organisation woth their salt would permit that anyway so I am convinced that the needs of the employee are already adequately covered in this regard.

Over the last 20 years I have had to communicate with individuals at all levels of industry from administration staff through to board level. They are all people who deserve to be treated equally and with respect so I recognise the need to provide a level of understanding that does not patronise or alienate.

I should perhaps point out at this point that in addition to communicating with internal staff and external stakeholders I have also worked with celebrities such as British broadcaster Jon Snow. Jon was a guest speaker at a conference event at the ICC in Birmingham and it was my role to act as his guide for the day and organise meetings with business partners and publicity shots for publication.

Communication takes many forms be it face-to-face, video conferencing, telephone or words and images in print and interaction on-line. It even includes hidden messages conveyed by body language and they all need to be considered.

It is a complex subject and one that needs handling with care. We need to remember that if employees feel thay are being dictated to they simply will not buy into the information being given to them. You simply can’t reach the goals you set out to achieve in that environment.

Employees and indeed people generally need to feel consulted and have ownership and to feel part of something for the greater good. It is about encouraging and inspiring people and if you can excite them too they will deliver in spades!


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