Posted by: crustynomad | June 26, 2007

London Duathlon Training #2

Monday 25th June 2007

I set the alarm this morning for 6.00am as I had to travel to London for a team building event.

As I knew that my time was limited in terms of training I decided I would use what time I did have effectively by running the 3/4 mile to the bus stop. Under normal circumstances this would mean little but as I was carrying a box of company branded merchandising and a rucksack of various other odds and ends I at least had to work harder than usual.

I won’t go into the mechanics of the days events but by their very nature eating and drinking healthily was always likely to be a challenge.

Where possible I ate salads and cut back on the fatty stuff though I perhaps had more alcohol than was strictly necessary. Oh well, it was all for the benefit of good business relations! 😉

I also ensured that I walked the two miles from the event venue back to the office along the Thames so not all was lost.

There were a number of cameras about on the day so I will post images of the day in due course.

It was after midnight before I returned home thanks in no small measure to some serious delays at Kings Cross Station. Tomorrow is another day and one where I shall begin the training (and this diary) in earnest.

No more excuses!

Please visit my Just Giving London Duathlon Sponsorship page for the benefit of Mind, the mental health charity.

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