Posted by: crustynomad | June 26, 2007

London Duathlon Training #1

Sunday 24th June 2007

Training for day one of this phase of my London Duathlon training diary has been pretty much a non-event really.

I don’t have an excuse that justifies it but I shall have a darn good try. Basically it chucked it down from dawn till dusk and I was also involved in the organisation of the local school fete.

Unfortunately this does not wash especially if I am serious about doing myself justice come September 9th.

The weather in Britain has been inclement to say the least of late but there are always things I can do. I have an exercise DVD with routines to follow and a range of other stretching and aerobic work-outs that can be used inside.

The little or no training today is particularly galling as I know that tomorrow has been virtually wiped out too due to work commitments in London: an eighteen hour day beckons…

Please visit my Just Giving London Duathlon Sponsorship page for the benefit of Mind, the mental health charity.

London Duathlon Training #2


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