Posted by: crustynomad | June 28, 2007

Home International Championship Format Being Considered by Irish FA!

Following my recent post regarding a possible new format for the Home International Championships I have today received an email from Irish FA Chief Executive, Howard Wells that suggests it will be put forward to his equivalents at the other interested national associations.

Dear Jeremy

Thank you for your lengthy email containing many eminent suggestions which I will take on board with my colleagues in the other countries. Watch this space.

Howard Wells

Chief Executive

Irish Football Association

The IFA – Bringing Communities Together

Now, I’m fully aware that this could purely be an acknowledgement email but I have to say how impressed I was at the speed of the reply and the fact it came from ‘the top’.

More news when I have it.

UPDATE: (29/06/2007) Today I found the following video on YouTube of Craig Brown discounting a future Home International Championship or Celtic Cup because of no English involvement.

Former Scotland manager Craig Brown believes the absence of England would make the proposed return of home internationals a non-starter. The football associations of Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Wales are in discussions about the possibility of starting a four-team ‘Celtic Cup’ tournament but Brown believes fixture congestion and limited interest would prevent such a competition from being a success.


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