Posted by: crustynomad | July 2, 2007

London Duathlon Training #7

Saturday 30th June 2007

Day seven – 3 miles running and a helluva lot of walking!

This update is a day late which considering the weekend I’ve had is not that surprising. Saturday was the day of the village carnival and apart from being on the organising committee I also had to get a haircut and look after my son and get him ready for his part in the procession with the village playgroup.

The run was the standard 3 mile run which is getting a little easier now. I will need to start upping my mileage as I will be running double that amount on race day.

I could talk about everything else I did during the day but in a purely physical sense that will have some bearing on training and the duathlon I walked a total of 3 miles (carrying my son for about half that time) as well as dismantled stalls, tents, lifted gear for about 90 minutes at the end of the day. I was pretty exhausted by the end.

Just for the record the playgroup won first prize in the best walking tableau dressed as little green aliens. As I was carrying Charlie I ended up being about as green as he was.


Porridge for breakfast but ended up not having lunch at all because I was all over the place.

I had one banana in the afternoon but I did also get given a couple of hot dogs free at the end of the day as I was helping out the stall. (Blushes)

In the evening I had a cesear salad but I went easy with the dressing. 🙂


Water – 1
Coffee – 4
Tea – 0

Less said the better. 😦


Six hours 30 minutes approx. Not too bad. At least it was uninterrupted sleep.


Please visit my Just Giving London Duathlon Sponsorship page for the benefit of Mind, the mental health charity.

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