Posted by: crustynomad | July 2, 2007

London Duathlon Training #8

Sunday 1st July 2007

Day eight – 300.4 miles today…shame they were all by car. 😦

I was just too tired / disorganised from Saturday’s activities to be ready for a run in the morning which makes the fact that I stayed up late on the computer all the more daft.

What this day highlighted was the need for fresh thinking on how to get the most of the time I have in a training sense.


Just toast for breakfast which is not good. Had a couple of sweets in the car to Kent and then a massive spread was prepared at the party. It was BBQ with salads, hams, potatoes etc and lots of cakes and even a chocolate fountain.

Under the circumstances I was quite restrained but I did pick at bits throughout the afternoon.


Water – 2
Coffee – 1
Tea – 2

Not enough water but the lowest I’ve been on coffee for a while.


Went to bed at 1:00am on Saturday night because I was doing some work on the computer and as I had to be up early to prepare for the Kent visit I only got 5h30. I really do need to make sure I’m prepared the night before for the morning to save more time.


I’ve decided to add a new section which focuses on what my next day’s plan will be. To illustrate this I had a ‘conversation’ with myself to work out how best to do it as I had a lot on.

Basically, the idea was to talk to yourself in Messenger to gain a clearer idea on my daily targets.

So Jeremy what is your duathlon training plan for tomorrow?

Well, I’m quite busy tomorrow because I’ve got to go to Bretton and deliver the job paperwork first thing and in the evening Jo is going out.

Yes, so what is your plan?

As my training includes cycling I can bike to Bretton so that’s 3 miles and from there I can cycle direct into work which will be another 3. It will also mean I have to cycle home which adds another 4. That’s 10 in total on the bike.

OK, so what do you have to do to make that actually happen

I have to be up earlier.

How much earlier?

Well If I meet Heather onsite at 8:15am I can deal with what I have to do by 8:30am and still be in work for 9:00am. That means I’ll have to leave home at 7:55am. That’s 35 minutes earlier than normal so I will set my alarm clock accordingly.

So what about the running?

That will be tough to get that in tomorrow because Jo is out in the evening.

What would you have to do to get a run scheduled?

Ummm, I get up even earlier?

Is that realistic?

It’s possible but I don’t really want to.

How could you achieve the Bretton delivery and still do the run.

I could get Jo to drive over once the children are at school. It’s only delivering paperwork and I don’t think she has anything on in the morning. It’ll mean I do 3 less miles cycling if I bike to work but it means I will definitely get the running in so I will have done the cross training for the day.

So what is the exact plan? Be specific.

I will confirm with Jo that delivering the paperwork by 11:00am is OK for tomorrow now. If that is fine I will set my alarm for 6:30am to do the 5k route and cycle to work at 8:30am as normal. To make sure I have the time I will get my running kit ready and the children’s packed lunches and school clothes before I go to bed tonight at 11:45pm.


Please visit my Just Giving London Duathlon Sponsorship page for the benefit of Mind, the mental health charity.

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