Posted by: crustynomad | July 3, 2007

London Duathlon Training #9

Monday 2nd July 2007

Day nine – 8 miles on the bike and 3 miles running.

Well, I did it! 😀

That plan I set yesterday worked. Jo was happy to take my paperwork to Bretton and was able to do run in the morning which is my preferred time of day.

The running part of my training is not particularly scientific and it has been little more than a jog but it is helping. It beats the sedentary life anyway.

The cycling was harder than perhaps it needed to be because the tyres were a little flat and the brakes need adjusting as they were slowing me down. It was like cycling with the handbrake on if I was to use a car analogy.

Strangely this actually helps me because it means I have to work harder but I’m pretty sure it’s not doing my bike any good.


I was very naughty – I skipped breakfast. I did however have a banana mid morning, a pasta salad for lunch and an apple in the afternoon.

My evening meal was a jacket potato but it was liberally drenched in butter and cheese which rather defeats the object. Mind you, with little other choice of topping until we go to the store I was a bit limited.


Water – 4
Coffee – 0
Tea – 2

Yeah, no coffee!!! 😀


Went to bed at 11:30pm and was up at 6:00am because I set the alarm wrong. Still, 6h30 is not so bad.


Tomorrow is a cycling only day.

I have two-part 5 miler first thing, a two-part 8 miler either side of work and another two-part 8 miler in the evening to a pub to meet some friends who I met on a life coaching course.

21 miles? Cool! 🙂


Please visit my Just Giving London Duathlon Sponsorship page for the benefit of Mind, the mental health charity.

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