Posted by: crustynomad | July 7, 2007

Which Beatles Song Are You?

I found this quiz that associates you with a particular Beatles song based on your answers to a series of psychological questions.

It’s rather nice to be linked with the song All You Need Is Love though the scientific basis of such a quiz is questionable to say the least. 😉

Just a bit of fun on Live Earth Day.

Which Beatles song are you?

Your Result: All You Need is Love



You’re an idealist, but you never let it endanger your grasp on life or humanity. Emotion, experience, and objectivity are essential to your lifestyle. You live peacefully and compassionately, and you do not place unnecessary importance on trivial details.

Which Beatles song are you?

I will add more of these – some will be fun, others will be a bit more useful – over the next few weeks.


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