Posted by: crustynomad | July 10, 2007

Easy Access To Guns and Firearms is Wrong!

This week I got into an online discussion over the merits of owning a gun and while I accepted his reasons for wanting one to protect himself and his family it seemed to avoid the real issue that if firearms are hard to get hold of in the first place the danger is significantly reduced.

The thought of buying a gun when you buy your soda pops just sounds crazy to me.

I know you have to be over 18 in the US and have a computer check but this only takes a few minutes it seems. Also, the same system doesn’t apply when a gun owner sells to a ‘private collector’ who could be anyone.

I heard recently that a 10-month old was able to get a gun licence online which was a heirloom from his grandad! That’s ridiculous!

$5 for a licence? If the licence was priced at say $500 it would deter those who would be most likely to use them irresponsibly.

It’s never a clear cut subject but when there are so many ‘shoot ’em up’ video games it’s not surprising that so many young men cross from fantasy to reality.

A gun is a killing machine and should therefore have the strictest of laws to prevent issue. It should take weeks if not months to be able to own a firearm.

Last week we had a front page news story in our local paper of there being armed police at the railway station as increased security after the atempted bombings in London and Glasgow.

Just CARRYING the weapons was essentially the story.

I really hope we don’t take the road to accessible firearms in the UK. If guns are not ‘out there’ in the first place they can’t kill anyone.

I will be writing more on this topic at a later date. As I said it is not a clear cut issue but it’s a subject that deserves further debate.


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