Posted by: crustynomad | July 14, 2007

Could I cure my own Epilepsy?

I have petit mal which is like a mild form of epilepsy.

The best way I can describe this to you is to imagine you are watching a film and the editor has cut out 3-4 seconds so there’s a piece of the action missing.

In other words I have absences.

In my day to day life this does not cause me any problems whatsover though it can be a little embarrassing if it happens when I’m talking to someone I don’t know.

I was diagnosed in February 1991 and after a cocktail of different drugs it was never fully controlled so subsequently I have not driven a car since that date.

That was tough to start with but now I don’t even think about it. I’d been driving two and half years and been fine but obviously I couldn’t continue for my own and others safety so I returned my licence.

I guess I probably shouldn’t ride a bike either but I’ve never had a problem with that either though that doesn’t mean I never will. Other than walking it is my one freedom to travel without the help of others so I will exercise that right.


About 3-4 years ago I got a bit lax with the tablets and eventually saw that nothing appeared to be changing so (without doctors advice) I gradually cut down more and more until I stopped taking them altogether.

I didn’t see the point of filling myself with drugs if it made no difference and that still stands. My absences happen just as frequently as before.

For absence seizures, there is insufficient evidence to know which, if any, of the available medications is best, i.e., having the best combination of safety and efficacy. [2] Nor is it known how long medication must be continued before a trial off medication should be conducted to determine if the individual has outgrown the absence seizures, as children so often do.

To date, there have been no published results of any large, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies comparing the efficacy and safety of these or any other medications for absence seizures. (Wikipedia)

My point is this: Is it possible to cure myself of this condition so that I could drive again?

My kind of mental or physical exercise would give me the best chance of curing me and allow me to get behind the wheel again?



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