Posted by: crustynomad | July 17, 2007

London Duathlon Training #22

Sunday 15th July 2007


Day twentytwo – Two 3 mile walks and the 3 mile village route.

As per usual I started the day with the morning walks but again I didn’t time them. It’s interesting how much quicker the first is as I have to make sure I arrive on time and the second one is slow because tiredness has set in.

It’s no good, I have to stop the morning work. I will speak to my boss tomorrow and get out within the week.

Feeling tired in the evening and so my run was little more than a light jog.


I had breakfast at MacDonald’s and again had Oatso Simple with two orange juices. Oddly pleasant to start the day this way and reading the paper.

We needed to do some shopping so we went to the big Tesco and had lunch there but it was just a bland ham salad sandwich and a tea for me. As our eldest had a birthday party we took the other two to a park and had a little picnic of a sausage roll and a and some pieces of fruit.

The evening meal was roast chicken and the trimmings which was again a bad move with the run to come later.


Water – 4
Coffee – 0
Tea – 1
Fruit Juice – 2

No coffee! Wo-hooo! 🙂


4h30. Went to bed at 11:30pm. 😦


The usual 6 miles walking but maybe the last ever – we will see.

I shall skip the evening run as I have some other stuff to do. Maybe I’ll change my mind later but for now it’s a no-no.


Please visit my Just Giving London Duathlon Sponsorship page for the benefit of Mind, the mental health charity.

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