Posted by: crustynomad | July 18, 2007

Inspiring Music #5 – ‘Hoppípolla’ by Sigur Rós

Hoppípolla is by Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

An unsual inclusion on the inspiring songs list because it’s primarily included because of its musical arrangement. It is sung in Icelandic and seems to be about the lesser known past time of puddle jumping.

The promo video is interesting as it shows elderly people embarking on behaviour that you more readily associate with unruly youths but there’s something I find uplifting about it. It feels like they’re setting themselves free from the constraints that society expects of them.

As a bonus I’m including two further videos that use this powerful music. The first is a trailer to the BBC documentary series Planet Earth and is truly beautiful.

I initially came across this song on YouTube when being used in conjunction with a home made video created to commemorate Liverpool’s victory over West Ham United in the 2006 FA Cup Final.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard pulls his team back from the brink with two goals, the second of which was a 30 yard thunderbolt in the final minute of the game.

Ultimately it was he who inspired his team mates to victory on penalties and this music forms the perfect backdrop.

His never say die attitude that day is an example to us all.

Here is the English translation of the lyrics:

Spinning ’round and ’round
Holding hands
The whole world a blur
But you are standing

Completely drenched
No rubber boots
Running in us
Want to erupt from a shell

Wind in
Aand outdoor smell of your hair
I hit as fast as I could
With my nose

Hopping into puddles
Completely drenched
With no boots on

And I get nosebleed
But I always get up

And I get nosebleed
But I always get up

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