Posted by: crustynomad | July 25, 2007

Lying: ‘Are You Guilty?’

I was thinking today about a time in the past where I wanted to have the following day off work but knew that if I just asked for a days annual leave it would be turned down as I’d given too short a notice. I couldn’t take that chance.

The reason for the day off? I had a job interview.

To get the time off I concocted a series of what you would essentially call ‘lies’ to avoid going into work on that day. I had a mystery illness and faked a croaky voice on the phone to make it sound more convincing.

I’m not proud of this but the position I was going for could really have made a big difference to my income. That was a key motivation as I was in deep financial straits at that time.

As it turned out I didn’t get the role but worse than that I later got a form asking about ‘reason for absence’ and I couldn’t complete it without officially heading for a misconduct charge so I confessed to the head of HR.

I explained my reasons and as she knew about my situation she agreed that it would go no further but it was a definite black mark in my book and I’ve not repeated the error.

It was a tough time for the business and morale was low so she had some understanding of my desperation fortunately.

The point of all this is that with my original story I actually began to believe it was true. That I really was ill and felt some the symptons which just goes to show what the power of suggestion can do for you.

If you want to be wealthy make yourself BELIEVE that it’s true. Act as if you are that SUCCESSFUL person you want to be and who knows where it will take you.

However, DON’T LIE to others. I was found out and so will you be if you go down that route.

Lies breed lies and you will get caught. Be truthful to yourself and to others. It’s the only way.


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