Posted by: crustynomad | August 30, 2007

Me, my career and the future…

Back in 1989 I was in a menial office job counting travellers cheques for a major travel company. Basically I had to make sure that the cheques returned from branches around the UK matched in value to that listed on the branch remittance.

Not exactly challenging unless you were working in Japenese Yen with multiple noughts but an OK job for a while.

Thing is, when I was at school I wanted to go to art college and did get an interview but my grades were very average. I decided that that indicated I wasn’t good enough to persue art as a career. This led me to doing clerical work in insurance and then the travellers cheque job I mentioned above.

Ultimately I put away my art materials for about two years and then one evening I stared doodling with a biro and copied pictures from a pop magazine of Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles and Brit singer Neneh Cherry.

I looked at them and thought that they were actually rather good.

Then an odd thing happened – a job in the in-house design studio came available the very next week.

I decided there and then that I would get that job. I spent every waking hour building a quality portfolio. At this time it was before Apple Macs and design software so I was using traditional art medias and I absolutely loved it.

My problem was that I wasn’t particularly well qualified for the role but I couldn’t continue with clerical work – I was so much more than that.

People noticed a real change in me. Someone once said: ‘If you get this job…’ and I would interrupt them and say, ‘No, it’s WHEN I get this job. This job is mine.’

To be honest I didn’t even recognise myself and for once in my life I was the person I wanted to be.

To cut a long story short I got the job despite being the least qualified of the 13 candidates, something my new boss didn’t tell me for at least a couple of years. He said it was unwavering confidence and the willingness to learn that carried me through.

I truly believed the job was mine and so it came to pass.

Unfortunately, while I still very much enjoy the work I do I have gotten myself into a bit of a rut of being in an industry that doesn’t inspire me. After nearly 20 years I’m after a change.

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis! 😀

The thing is I’ve lived in the same area for all but two of my 38 years and I’m bored of travelling the same road everyday which is why I’ve discussed moving with my wife.

Initially she was dead against it when first mentioned about 18 months ago but things have changed. We started looking at new builds in the Midlands and found that we could get quite a bit more for our money but this meant nothing without a job to go to.

Life can change in an instant – we just never know what is around the corner…



  1. Will power can do great things!

  2. Thanks comstudent2007! 🙂

    It’s true that will power can do great things but real BELIEF will get you further.

    We should all say that we WILL do something rather than we want something. Focus on the future you want and how you will achieve it and not past.

    You can’t do anything about that and by thinking about what is wrong with your life just gives you more of it.

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