Posted by: crustynomad | September 3, 2007

Amy Winehouse’s step-father-in-law WAS my daughter’s headmaster

I’ve just discovered that my daughter’s ex-headmaster is the step-father-in-law of Amy Winehouse!

That is a seriously tenuous link to celebdom. All I need to do is get the ‘milkman’s cat’ in there somehow for serious obscurity.

The thing is is that the step-father-in-law has become a bit of a celeb in his own right in no small part due to the war of words between the respective parents of Amy and other half, Blake Fielder-Civil. He’s been in the national papers and interviewed on BBC radio and probably TV too, I guess.

Giles Civil I found to be an excellent headmaster at my children’s school and I was very disappointed when he left. He was very good with the kids and there were a lot of tears when his tenure came to an end. What his new school are thinking I can’t imagine.

Amy Winehouse is someone I knew some of the sordid history of but little else which was why the news that someone I new was getting embroiled in the story was such a shock. It sounds a horrendous situation for a parent to be involved in especially someone who is a teacher.

Here’s a story that show how the situation has deteriorated.

I was very surprised to see him quoted elsewhere as saying the following:

But Giles Civil believes the couple are in denial of their drug habits and fears they will both die as a result of their addictions. He says, “Clearly, they are addicts, but they are in abject denial. “They are a very close couple. We are concerned that if one dies through substance abuse, the other will commit suicide. “It seems to be accepted that rich rock stars take drug, but history is littered with dead young rock stars. “Blake is just a regular guy and Amy is such a lovely girl. If they die it will be such a tragic waste.” (full story)

I don’t understand the need to lay it on the line like that. I also don’t understand the need to be involved so publicly. Support is what these young people need rather than family infighting and being public is clearly affecting the focus of all concerned.

My opinion of Giles has not changed and just find it all a bit of a puzzle. I just hope it all settles down and Amy and Blake are left free to overcome their demons with the collective backing of family and friends.

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