Posted by: crustynomad | September 6, 2007

Four weeks email and messenger coaching for just £10!


September is a time where many people begin to notice a change in their lives. The nights start to draw in and the days become a little cooler. It is Autumn and it heralds a new academic year for many, young and not-so-young alike, seeking to expand their minds and meet new people. This is the perfect time to consider coaching and to take yourself to the next level.

Mind Meadow coaching, therefore, is pleased to offer 10 people a four week email and messenger coaching place for the one off price of just £10.

The first 10 people that email to register their interest will receive:

  • An introductory messenger session of up to 60 minutes duration to discuss a coaching plan, your personal goals and to develop a rapport
  • Up to 10 x 30 minute messenger coaching sessions pre-arranged at times to suit both parties.
  • Unlimited email coaching

If you are interested in how the messenger coaching system works, please read my Messenger Coaching: The Proof it Works blog post.

Two of the concerns amongst people considering coaching is the time factor and whether their individual needs would be met. Mind Meadow life coaching works with you to a set of parameters built around your own schedule and personal needs.

During our initial discussion you will describe your goals, concerns and your plans for the future. You will be doing most of the talking while I will focus on you and the best ways in which I can help you turn your dreams into a reality. I am not judgmental nor do I plaster over cracks with quick-fixes. I am totally committed to helping you to achieve your goals.

YOU set the agenda by deciding what YOU want to achieve. I will ask questions that will enable you to think creatively and will offer options for consideration.

While it is you that sets the direction of proceedings, part of my role is to keep you on track working towards your goals and vision which you decided during the initial consultation.

One of the central beliefs in the world of life coaching is that you, the client, has at some level most of the answers that are right for you and your goals. I will only provide advice if I feel it will accelerate your progress but ultimately, you are far more likely to take action if the idea is your own.

Within the overall coaching relationship, and within each coaching session, a wide variety of insights, difficulties and challenges can arise. No two coaching sessions will follow exactly the same pattern and I will always be on the look-out for opportunities to help you to find clarity in any given situation.

‘This is your life and coaching really does give you the best possible chance of turning your dreams into a reality’


NP is an aspiring author from Wales who was having problems focusing on completing a manuscript for a novel she was writing. As her computer time was severely limited because she had to share her PC with her family, she sometimes wondered whether it was worth even beginning a writing session at all. She also had issues relating to the possibility of her publisher not liking her material.

Another concern was the fear of losing her love of writing in case it began to feel like a job. Jeremy used a technique known in the coaching world as GROW. This is an acronym where ‘G’ stands for the persons GOAL, ‘R’ are the REASONS for not acheiving it to date, ‘O’ are the OPPORTUNITIES for achieving it now and the ‘W’ is the WHEN will it be achieved. She was guided through each stage by Jeremy who at all times stressed the importance of finding reasons to go for the goal and to not put obstacles in the way. She was also encouraged not to worry about details of which she had no control over such as the comments of her publisher.

It was the last aspect of GROW – the WHEN – which proved to be the key. Jeremy asked her when she was going to complete her manuscript and was keen for her to be specific and write down an exact time on a particular day to complete the challenge.

A few weeks later he received the following email message:

“I just wanted to let you know that I’d set the date [for completion of the manuscript] by 30.01.07 at 6pm…guess what, I completed it on 30.01.07 at 4pm! Thanks for that.”

Why is the price only £10? Well, I have found that in order for people to really appreciate the need for commitment in the coaching process, a financial investment means they are more likely to take part.

I could make this a totally free offer but if a client hasn’t paid up front they have nothing to lose if they don’t keep the appointment. The only loser then is me who has set dedicated time aside for that person.

Anyone preferring to have email coaching alone can do so and a separate plan of action can be arranged for those people to suit their circumstances.

This offer is valid until 10 October 2007 and payment is required within 10 days of the first coaching session*.

* The first coaching session does NOT include the initial introductory session.

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