Posted by: crustynomad | September 6, 2007

Inspiring Music #6 – ‘Chariots of Fire’ by Vangelis

Another instrumental to the inspiring music list.

I post this now because I recently picked up a 2 disc DVD / CD soundtrack edition of Chariots of Fire for the princely sum of just a fiver.

I really love the film about the 1924 Paris Olympics but having done a bit more research on the subjects Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams it’s all a bit of a sham. Indeed some of the key individuals still alive when the film was made refused to have their names associated with it because the makers had romanticised the story.

Eric Liddell knew long before setting off for France that his 100m heat was on a Sunday so his plans were changed well in advance while Harold Abrahams is seen winning the 100m AFTER he supposedly failed in the 200m. It was in fact the other way round.

The 200m was in fact the only time the two raced and not the 100m AAAs race as implied in the film where Eric beat Harrold.

It doesn’t stop there. Lord Lindsay was in fact Lord Burghley who lived not 10 miles from where I type now at Burghley House in Stamford. In the film it states Lindsay / Burghley had won a medal in 1924 but it wasn’t until the 1928 Amsterdam games that he won his 400m hurdling gold.

New Zealand sprinter Tom Watson – real name Arthur Porritt – was also reportly so upset that he too refused to have his real name used in the film.

I’m all for making a movie more dramatic but when certain events are portrayed as fact you don’t know what is true anymore and eventually the story becomes diluted.

One other piece of trivia was that the executive producer of this film was Dodi Fayed who died in Paris coincidentally in a car crash with Princess Diana in 1997.

My final thought is what music did they use for slow motion film before Chariots of Fire in 1982? Was it the Six Million Doallar Man? What about before that?

Answers on a post card!


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