Posted by: crustynomad | January 11, 2008

2008 is here and so am I!

It’s been the best part of two months since I posted so I thought I ought to give a bit of an update about what’s been happening.

I am well on the way to being 40 so it seems appropriate, therefore, that I get off my fat arse and do something worthwhile before I lose any lingering credibility I have of being part of the younger generation.

I’ve never had a rare tropical disease, an iguana or even a Tom Jones LP. I have to have something to hang my hat on from these last 400 days to prove that what is essentially the first half of my life hasn’t been a bit of a non-event really.

Life is supposed to begin at 40 but I can’t quite accept that I will get to that milestone having achieved practically nothing of any note. Sure, I have four marathon‘s under my belt and have increased the populus by three with the help of the wife but only one of those was born out of wedlock. That’s just not interesting enough.

For the benefit of having a neat dinner party ice-breaker, at least one should have been conceived on a light aircraft or born in the public gallery in the middle of Prime Minister’s question time.

Let’s face it, three home romps followed by three standard maternity unit births is unlikely to stop them snoring into their gateau. OK, so Charlie emerged face up, squinting at the lights rather than dragging his nose along the birthing table, it’s still hardly News of the World stuff. I need the ‘Wow!’ factor.

One thing’s for sure is that I haven’t travelled enough – I’ve not been outside Europe for instance. Considering I don’t particularly have a lot of good to say about the place is a worry.

Interestingly, I’ve had contact from two old school friends in the last month, one of whom from Australia whose last letter I received in 1985 and another who turned up, married, in California! Maybe inter-continental travel is not out of the question afterall.

So what else do I want to do?

I want to write a book and who knows, this blog could end up being just that: A mid-life crisis prevention guide or a confessions of a thirty-something teenager type thing.

I want to handle money better. I want to be able to see my feet. I want to sort my teeth out so it doesn’t feel like I’m chewing on a mouthful of gravel.

Hmmm, what else….

Here’s an off-the-cuff list of 10 things I WILL do this year (more to follow)

The first 10 of things to do (in no order) are:

1. Complete ‘Unreality’ and ‘Coach Potato’ scripts and send to at least one production company each
2. Witness a Spring tide at Wells-next-the-sea and/or Blakeney
3. Complete ‘From side to side’ cycling trip and use diary notes to gain publishers interest
4. Compete in the London Triathlon
5. Attend a match at the new Wembley stadium
6. Lose 42lb in weight
7. Go on the London Eye
8. Save £1,000 by effective budgeting
9. Visit at least one new country (i.e. NOT Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, France, Belgium, Holand, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Greece)
10. Complete board game idea and submit to a manufacturer

Posting that list was an interesting exercise. What it has done has sowed the seed that I have to really DO something to make them real. The ‘thought’ of doing them is just too vague.

The list being ‘out there’ now seems to make them unavoidable. Writing them down – or typing in this instance – has given my sub-conscious something to work on.

Boy, I’m moving into the realms of pretentious crap here – tread carefully Jezza!

Of the list I’ve made I have started work on a few of them but the difference on this occasion is that there is an end deadline that is immovable, ie my 40th birthday. Deadlines do slip but birthdays don’t unless I can figure out a way of reversing the ageing process.

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