Posted by: crustynomad | March 10, 2008

Googlewhacking: ‘Fancy a round of Bronchial Sandwich?’

I was looking at my About page yesterday – which seriously needs updating by the way – and smiled at the excerpt on Goglewhacking.

Taking that section as my framework, I decided to expand on it using some failed Googlewhacking attempts. They make me smile so why not publish them again.

Here’s the article:

Last year, when I wanted to start a new blog I wanted to come up with a title that was both interesting and memorable. The content was never intended to be much more than ramblings on life in general but if I could get an audience, I wanted there to be at least an outside chance of people remembering what the site was called.

The name I chose was Crusty Nomad. Why? Because firstly I think it sounds funny and also because it was one of the first attempts I used in a premium time wasting exercise called Googlewhacking.

Googlewhacking is a game whereby you take two unrelated words and insert them (without speech marks) into the Google search box to see if you can find just one result.

Some old examples include: semiglossy proletariat, erotomaniacal pimpmobile, logocentric celebrityhood, megabladder tadpole and skimboarding housecats.

Remember that all these examples were out there’ and actually yielded a single search result. However, the moment it gets added to the Googlewhacking list it effectively kills it and is no longer a Google whack because it has been mentioned on-line twice.

It’s fun to try but virtually impossible to achieve these days after the massive expansion of the web.

So what about Crusty Nomad? What does it actually mean?’

Well, nothing obviously but it does at least have the benefit of being a couplet of words that is likely to be noticed. As you don’t hear the two terms together it acts as a neuro-jolt which means it’s more likely to be remembered than some other bland expression used a thousand times before.

Anyway, having lived with the words Crusty Nomad for a while now I do think there is relevance to the name. At 39 there will already be some that call me a little Crusty for my age. I don’t have an unpleasant skin condition so that should rule that out as a reason for a nickname at least.

Nomad, however, is an interesting one. I was a bit of a loner in the past though nine years of marriage and then three children make that a physical impossibility these days. It is a word though that works pretty well for the site as I will be wandering fairly aimlessly amongst a variety of topics and dealing with them in a very unstructured way.

Anyway, back to Googlewhacking. Here’s some examples that I’ve tried and failed with:

  • Bronchial Sandwich
  • Jugular Herpes
  • Gelatin Flaps
  • Kinky Mildew
  • Radiographer Laxative
  • Sushi Windbag
  • Juniper Bloodlust
  • Vernacular Discharge
  • Carbuncular Fratricide
  • Sinister Tussock
  • Sou’wester Turncoat
  • Latex Conundrum
  • Raspberry Rumpus
  • Freaky Sphincter
  • Capillary Radish
  • Piccolo Hemophilia
  • Halal Gumball
  • Velocity Nougat
  • Juniper Humbug
  • Salubrious Mangetout
  • Crispy Armpit
  • Nauseous pumpernikel
  • Warty Fluff
  • Peroxide spongiform

Give it a try now and see what Googlewhacks you can come up with.


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