Posted by: crustynomad | June 11, 2008

Twisting history and time…3 home nations qualify for EURO2008

Last night TalkSport did a feature where they twisted time and events so that England qualified for EURO2008. Darren Bent came on with 5 minutes left against Croatia to score to see England draw with Croatia 3-3 so that they progressed ahead of Russia.

They decided to create a mock commentary against Spain, who would’ve been England’s opponents had they played in Russia’s place. The result was 1-1 with Owen scoring from the penalty spot and David Villa netting a goal in the second half.

While watching the Greece v Sweden game the commentator mentioned that the Irish could be looking at the Swedes thinking ‘it could’ve been us’ playing against the championship holders. Had Scotland won their final game to Italy they would’ve played against the Dutch the previous evening.

With all this in mind I decided to replace Russia, Sweden and Italy with the three home nations that came closest to qualifying to see how the tournament could’ve panned out.

The results below are based on actual events and predictions on future matches. Let me know what you think…

GROUP A – Results

Switzerland 0-1 Czech Republic
Portugal 2-0 Turkey
Czech Republic 1-2 Portugal
Switzerland 1-1 Turkey
Switzerland 1-2 Portugal
Turkey 0-1 Czech Republic

GROUP A – Final Table

Portugal 9
Czech Republic 6
Switzerland 1
Turkey 1

GROUP B – Results

Austria 0-1 Croatia
Germany 2-0 Poland
Croatia 1-2 Germany
Austria 0-0 Poland
Austria 0-2 Germany
Poland 1-1 Croatia

GROUP B – Final Table

Germany 9
Croatia 4
Poland 2
Austria 1

GROUP C – Results

Romania 0-0 France
Netherlands 2-0 Scotland
Scotland 1-0 Romania
Netherlands 1-1 France
Scotland 0-1 France
Netherlands 1-0 Romania

GROUP C – Final Table

Netherlands 7
France 5
Scotland 3
Romania 1

GROUP D – Results

Spain 1-1 England
Greece 0-0 Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland 0-3 Spain
Greece 0-1 England
Greece 0-2 Spain
England 2-1 Northern Ireland

GROUP D – Final Table

Spain 7
England 7
Greece 1
Northern Ireland 1


Portugal 2-0 Croatia
Germany 2-1 Czech Republic
Netherlands 1-1 England (Netherlands win 4-3 on penalties)
Spain 1-0 France


Portugal 2-1 Germany
Netherlands 1-1 Spain (Spain win 4-3 on penalties)


Portugal 2-2 Spain (Spain win 5-4 on penalties)


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