Posted by: crustynomad | June 13, 2008

Phil Jupitus stars in ‘Lifecoach’ on the West End stage

Yesterday I went to Trafalgar Studios yesterday to see the stage play Lifecoach starring Phil Jupitus in London’s West End.

I’ve added links to a review in the Daily Telegraph and some other press cuttings.

I thought it was fabulous. I know it’s easy to say that but it really was. I think what made the difference to me was the fact that I know about the terminology having done some basic lifecoach training a few months back and attended a Tony Robbins seminar where I did the old fire walk thing.

Personal development is a very interesting subject and as you so ably demonstrated by the writer Nick Reed. There is so much scope for drama and comedy in its execution and I think he nailed it. I liked how the focus was on his down trodden client Wendy (Amy Darcy) at the beginning but by the end the tables were turned and that it was lifecoach Colin (Phil Jupitus) who was having to battle his demons.

It was interesting to read in the program that Fiona Harrold was involved as I have one of her books. This answered a question I had as a lot of the content was accurately portrayed in performance. It made me wonder what the audience thought and whether that affected them on a more personal level.

I have to say that I could really relate to the story of Lifecoach. I had a happy childhood but still had challenges to deal with. My life, pretty much like anyone else’s, has its tough times and good but because I’ve done coaching in my time I do have times where I doubt myself and abilities. I mean, why should anyone want coaching from me if my own life isn’t what it could be.

I think it was the line in the play: ‘You only coach because it makes you feel better about yourself’ that got through to me the most. Coaching can deflect me from focussing on facing my own issues. Deep, huh?

The play finishes its run tomorrow (see details) so if you haven’t seen it time is short but hopefully it will return to a stage near you soon. 🙂


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