Posted by: crustynomad | July 2, 2008

The Carnival King!

Last Monday I was involved in putting up the bunting for the village carnival and throughout the week I was organising press and radio coverage for the event. I also updated the website. This was a low-tech free site but was still the main source of information for the event on the web.

Come Saturday, the day of the carnival, I was there early to help set up tents, mark out the arena area with guide ropes and man the hot dog stall. This was actually a bigger task than at first appeared. Last year I merely helped and we managed with just three people as the weather was dire. This time it was a proper BBQ with six griddles and prime Lincolnshire sausages.

From the moment we opened there was a queue of at least a dozen people with over 750 hot dogs cooked and served. We never needed to drop the price and we sold all our stock plus five of the eight crates of drinks. In all we probably took over £1300 which was just great.

The thing is is that we ended up with seven people on this stand at various points. I was working at the back cutting rolls and keeping stocks of drinks available. At other times I rushed off to get change for the till and served the onions as part of a hot dog conveyer belt – it was great. Ultimately we worked as a team for the benefit of the community and it felt great – a real adrenalin buzz.

A few weeks ago I nearly quit the organisation committee as I had home issues and felt that I was doing the team justice. However, leaving would have made it worse so I completed the course and I’m so glad I did.

At the end of the day we had clear the field of the stalls and rubbish so after nine hours without a break I was through…with another mile to walk home. I didn’t care, I was elated! Doing something in the community is so important. Sure there are issues with time but the satisfaction of a job well done makes it a joy.


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