Posted by: crustynomad | August 15, 2008

Could Twenty20 Cricket be an Olympic Sport?

Cricket hasn’t appeared in the Olympic games since 1900 when Great Britain beat France in the final.

No Bronze medal was awarded because both Belgium and Holland, who were also scheduled to play, pulled out. Indeed, neither Great Britain or France were nationally selected as the British team was a group of regional players from the West country and the French side was merely staff from the British Embassy in Paris!

Despite what the Test nations say to the contrary, Cricket is a minority sport globally with only 10 major nations and a random number of Commonwealth islands and ex-pat communities making up the rest.

However, with the advent of Twenty20 there is now a format whereby the game can spread to other, lesser known, cricketing nations.

Second tier countries such as Holland, Kenya, Germany, USA and Canada could now all compete in an exciting slog. Another of the aspects of this idea that particularly appeals is that countries like Bermuda will be able to play without feeling they are wasting their time. They have already played in the World Cup and would be there on merit.

Olympic exposure would be great for the sport and I strongly believe that once viewed, would be a popular addition to the program. Could Cricket ever be reconsidered as an Olympic event?

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