Posted by: crustynomad | September 29, 2008

Blog stats and where my readers come from…

Now here’s a curious thing…

I’ve long taken a more than passing interest in the stats for my blog and have seen the figures rise steadily over the last few months. When I started Crusty Nomad in June 2007 I had fairly low expectations but set a target of 1000 hits a month so making 12,000 in a year. There was no real gain to be had by larger numbers, just the interest in that others we were interested enough to be reading what I was writing.

After a mad rush of entries at the beginning I had a spell of burn out and wrote just a couple of fairly random posts during November. This saw hits drop to as low as 219 in December as I made no new updates that month at all.

As we moved into February 2008 I got the bug again largely due to being introduced to the writers’ site This allowed my writings to be ranked against others on the same topic and to earn during what was called an rewardathon. The rewardathon process was to encourage regular article submission and the ranking others work. The more stars you earned, the more you make on an increasing scale. Eventually this netted me $100.50. Not a great return for the effort but excellent in forming good writing habits.

I posted most of my articles on here too so traffic started going up again which was boosted by the large number of hits associated with my posts on Tony Robbins and inspirational music. This allowed me gain ground on my original 12,000 target but I still fell agonisingly short reaching 11,800 by the time 12 months were up.

Since then the rise has continued with a record 2,292 hits in August largely thanks to my (unfortunately unfished) daily reports on the Beijing Olympics. As things stand my traffic stands at 18,150 in 15 and a half months averaging about 39 hits a day though currently I’m well beyond that

Last week I typed in my web address into to see what my rankings were:

Am I really in the top 100,000 most viewed sites in the whole of Australia? I was also amazed that weekly traffic is now ranked 1.1m when it was 3.2m just a few weeks ago. The overall average ranking worldwide is 2.5m over the past three months according to this. It just makes me wonder if I’m reading it right.

It seems that I get 40% of my readers from Australia, 27% from the US and 21% from the UK. How weird that only one in five come from the country I live in. This begs me to ask the question why. If you live in one of these countries, or any other for that matter, please leave a comment and introduce yourself.

Has anyone set up a feed where they get notified of my updates? My posts are so utterly diverse I would be intrigued to know why you keep coming back. Whatever your reasons for being here I’m pleased you came. 🙂


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