Posted by: crustynomad | October 1, 2008

Good News!

We seem to be living a period where we we hear nothing but bad news. The world economy is on the brink of collapse, there’s lawlessness in society, wars, famine, natural disasters all vying for coverage in the papers, on television and on the web.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that peoples’ attitudes and demeanor are affected by what’s going on around them. It’s infectious – when there’s uncertainty in life it breeds and brings everyone down IF you allow it to.

How we react is within our control. We have to be strong in facing up to the issues in our lives whether they are internal, our immediate environment or globally. By taking strength from good news stories it can also breed to take us away from those moments of despair.

Yesterday I decided to take action by making posts to separate forums that only allowed positive comments and good news. I stipulated that the good news didn’t have to big news but just something that made the individual happy and by telling the rest of us it was spreading the joy around.

Below are just some of the ‘news’ items that were posted:

  • This afternoon I saw the biggest pod of dolphins I’ve ever seen frolicking in the surf
  • I enjoyed a very fine kayak around a lake I had never done any boating on.. with a very fine woman
  • I am going to a retreat in a mountain for 4 days!
  • I had an old website running and today I received a commission check for $114.90 from it
  • I just moved into a new house in the heart of the city! Its fantastic!
  • A bunch of people bought my new single, Secret Love!
  • I’ve been praised by a lady because I let her sit in the train compared with the other boys in the subway who never had the initiative
  • I just got an unexpected bonus in my pay packet
  • I became a dad 12 days ago

There was one person who made a longer post whose name that I alas, do not know. I was moved by the words he had written so much so I am reproducing them here.

The good news is we live in a universe where we have 100% control over the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel.

Our state of mind and being cannot be controlled by anyone but ourselves.

I’ve continually chosen gratitude, happiness and perpetual prosperity since this time last year and I feel greeeeeeaaaaat!

I tell you these things not to gloat but to demonstrate that someone who suffered from debilitating depression and suicidal despair for years can turn it all around—completely around, and live a happy life amongst unhappy & worried people.

AND, I did not have to give up cussing or smoking or toking—I did not have to change anything but the way I regard this life and the way I choose to think & feel & ‘tude it all.

You want happiness and prosperity? I can honestly say that it can only be found in the Easy Zone.

Easy actually does it!

I want to hear your good news too so please post them in the comments section below. It could be personal to you or one of the rare good news stories in the press. In addition to this I would like you all to start a thread in a forum you frequent with exactly the same message – positivity – so we can help lift the gloom in the world.

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