Posted by: crustynomad | October 23, 2008

Beckham to join AC Milan on Loan

Out with the old and in with the new? Not if Becks has his way!

Out with the old and in with the new? Not if Becks has his way!

I wanted to post a few thoughts on David Beckham who looks to be joining Italian club, AC Milan, in January.

A lot has been said that Becks shouldn’t be in the England team anymore especially as he is likely to be just a bit-part player mainly due to the emergence of players like Theo Walcott, David Bentley and Shaun Wright-Phillips. This is probably true but he still a great passer of the ball and deadly from dead-ball situations so a very useful player to have on the bench. Is that enough to warrant the hoohah that surrounds the man?

The MLS season for Beckham at LA Galaxy is now over and he faces three months on the side-line. England coach, Fabio Capello, has already said he would only pick players who are match fit and playing well so that means David will miss the scheduled friendlies against Germany, Slovakia plus one other still be arranged. If this happens he will find it very difficult to regain his place.

The obvious solution is for him to go on loan to a European club. He trained at Arsenal in January for three weeks but this time his club have agreed to a loan deal. Up step AC Milan.

This seems an ideal arrangement for all concerned. Galaxy have a player at full fitness, AC Milan have a consummate professional and added marketing value and Fabio Cappello has someone playing in a competitive league in a similar time zone to his own.

Who in their right mind would pass up the chance of playing for Milan? It would look great on the CV to have Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan on it but there is a chance it may backfire if he doesn’t get to play. He’s 33 now so don’t expect him to be playing every game.

Pompey, who have also expressed an interest in the player, would probably be a better bet as he’d be guaranteed matches and would be under Capello’s nose but I suspect the glamour (and the will of Victoria) will see a switch to the San Siro.

A player is a long time retired and Beckham is living all our dreams, we have to admit that. Once he retires there’s no-way back – if he can continue to 2010 for one last hurrah who can blame him? You only have to look at someone like Gazza to see how difficult it is for a star to be out of the game. While Beckham is still in the frame he has every right to continue – no-one is forcing Capello to pick him so fair play.

Let’s face it, he doesn’t need the money so the football is clearly still important to him or else he wouldn’t be going to all this trouble. Maybe he does have one eye on the business side of things but isn’t that just sensible?

Beckham is a circus, there is no doubt, but I actually rather like the guy. I’ll be rather sad when does all eventually does come to an end.

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