Posted by: crustynomad | October 31, 2008

Absolutely Free Coaching Sessions Available

The autumn is a time where many people begin to notice a change in their lives. The nights start to draw in and the days become a little cooler. This time of year heralds a new academic year for many, young and not-so-young alike, seeking to expand their minds and meet new people. This is the perfect time to consider coaching and to take yourself to the next level.

I have gained the Coaching Academy‘s Certificate in Personal Development Coaching and though it is not my primary career I feel well placed to offer you a sounding board that may help gain some clarity in your life.

The first 10 people that email to register their interest will receive:

  • A completely free and confidential messenger session of up to 60 minutes duration to discuss an aspect of your life you wish to improve, your personal goals and if desired, a personal coaching plan
  • Up to 4 x 30 minute free messenger coaching sessions pre-arranged at times to suit both parties
  • Unlimited email coaching for a period of one month

This is an absolutely free no obligation offer. The only thing you have to lose is time but you could have masses to gain. Why free? Why not? Sometimes you just want to help people without the need to line your own pockets. Can’t be more honest that – I just want to help people gain a different perceptive on their current situation.

Two of the concerns amongst people considering coaching is the time factor and whether their individual needs would be met. I will work with you to a set of parameters built around your own schedule and personal needs.

During an initial discussion I will ask you to describe your goals, concerns and your plans for the future. You will be doing most of the talking while I will focus on you and the best ways in which I can help you turn your dreams into a reality. I am not judgmental nor do I plaster over cracks with quick-fixes. I am totally committed to helping you to achieve your goals.

YOU set the agenda by deciding what YOU want to achieve. I will ask questions that will enable you to think creatively and will offer options for consideration.

While it is you that sets the direction of proceedings, part of my role is to keep you on track working towards your goals and vision which you decided during the initial consultation.

One of the central beliefs in the world of life coaching is that you, the client, has at some level most of the answers that are right for you and your goals. I will only provide advice if I feel it will accelerate your progress but ultimately, you are far more likely to take action if the idea is your own.

Within the overall coaching relationship, and within each coaching session, a wide variety of insights, difficulties and challenges can arise. No two coaching sessions will follow exactly the same pattern and I will always be on the look-out for opportunities to help you to find clarity in any given situation.

‘This is your life and coaching really does give you the best possible chance of turning your dreams into a reality’


Jeremy’s coaching really helped me to finally get something done. I had been slacking off for week, no, more like months really, maybe even a year.

Once, long ago I thought for myself to get Linux certified. So I did some investigation online, ordered several books on the subject, got really motivated, and did absolutely nothing. Three months later, I continued doing nothing, which I then prolonged a few months more. I got really experienced in slacking off you could say.

I always get great ideas, investigate, start with it, and that’s about it. Until one day I got very frustrated with this fact that I procrastinate so much and asked for advice on the internet. And I got it, more than I imagined even.

This is where I met Jeremy, who offered to coach me in achieving my personal goals. I accepted the offer and pretty soon we were talking on msn. It all went very structured. At first we set specific times on which we would talk about the problems (“challenges”) online.

Basically Jeremy doesn’t tell you to do anything, he doesn’t give you assignments or in any other way tell you what to do. Instead he just asks the exact right questions to get you going.

The thing is, everyone pretty much knows already how to go about things. Subconsciously we know how to achieve certain goals. We knowhow to be productive, how we can solve our problems. The knowledge is already there. What Jeremy did is awaken that consciousness. He stimulated me with just the right questions and in no time at all I had made a very detailed schedule I would use to keep on track with the study I just set up for myself.

I reported to Jeremy every time I finished one of the deadlines I set for myself. This was a big stimulance too because I could not allow myself to tell him I missed a deadline. It’s almost as doing homework for school again, only this time I voluntarily set it up for and by myself.

All in all, I’m very thankful of Jeremy’s coaching, he truly brought structure in my life to help me achieve my goals.

— NK, The Netherlands

I just wanted to let you know [that following our discussion], I’d set the date of 30.01.07 at 6pm to complete the first re vamp of my book…guess what, I completed it by 30.01.07 at 4pm!!! Thanks for that!

— NP, United Kingdom

Jeremy did help me enormously too. He made me think and asked me questions I was hiding from. He made me search the very bottom of my soul and that is why he helped me know I was doing the right thing. He pressed the right motivation buttons and you have no idea how good I am feeling now compared to how I was.

— SS, United Kingdom

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