Posted by: crustynomad | December 23, 2008

Joy Division – Chilling (Ambient Mix)

Here is a mix I put together using several Joy Division songs in a Beatles Love style recording. Basically it uses mainly instrumental sections from familiar tracks from their albums Unknown Pleasures, Closer and Still plus the singles, Love will tear us apart and Atmosphere.

Joy Division – Chilling (Ambient Mix) 16.38

On accessing the page please add the three letter code into the box next to the orange download button towards the top right of the screen. No site log-in is required.

I’m actually rather proud of this and part of me hopes that there someone out there with some sway that will pick up this idea as a concept and prepares a complete album in this fashion. Everyone talks about Ian Curtis but the sheer power of the music is just incredible. Martin Hannett must take as much credit for this as the band.

I plan to make a video for this at some point to add to YouTube. If you want to beat me too it please feel free to create one of your own.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it…let’s remember one of the last truly great moments in rock.


  1. Very good! I particularly like how the Exercise One intro drifts into I Remember Nothing. Quite right about Martin Hannett – Joy Division in 2008 sound better than ever, and a lot of the credit must go to Hannett. The more I listen to Joy Division the more I’m convinced he was a genius. His production is very anti-rock’n’roll, removing the traditional power that was inherent in rock in favour of something far more eerie and ghost-like. Definitely the fifth member of Joy Division (or sixth if you include Rob Gretton, which I suppose you should really…)

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