Posted by: crustynomad | February 22, 2009

My visit to Down Hall where Jade Goody is getting married today

We had the company’s Christmas party in December at Down Hall in Hertfordshire. This, I’ve just discovered, is where Jade Goody is getting married today to Jack Tweed. It’s a lovely venue and a great place for a wedding – it’s just such a shame the circumstances. There will be a lot of tears this day and I wish them all the best.

Whatever our thoughts on Jade’s brand of celebrity which came via Big Brother, you can’t help but feel fer her and her two boys. She’s only 27 and so young to be going through anything like this – I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Have a fantastic day Jade!

Anyway, my visit to Down Hall was for an office party and I really enjoyed it but I did leave with a bit of a dilemma. There was a casino with a roulette and Black Jack table. It used fake money of course but from our initial £400,000 between us, me and my wife did pretty well all evening. I had a run of 10 straight wins and Jo won £350,000 on a single spin.

Another guy was playing Black Jack and didn’t win anything all night. However, when he got to the very last game, he threw his entire remaining cash in, got Black Jack and won £1.2 million! Thing is, there was a prize for whoever ended up with the most money. Who won? We did with £1.25 million! What did we win? A Nintendo DS with Guitar Hero worth about £150.

Here was the dilemma…

Later he told me that he found another £200,000 in his pocket which he didn’t realise he had. If he’d declared it at the time he would have won. We won overall on the night because he declared less so it’s his fault really but it still feels bad as I shouldn’t have the prize at all.

In the scheme of things little things like this amount to zip when you think of what Jade’s family is going through.


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