Posted by: crustynomad | March 16, 2009

Web traffic tart

This blog is not a high traffic blog but it doesn’t do bad largely due down to three posts associated with self-help guru Tony Robbins. One is a review of Unleash the Power Within which I attended in 2006 while two others relate to the music used at the event. One of these looks at the event music as a whole while the other focusses on what is the signature song, Life will never be the same by Haddaway.

I always know when Mr Robbins has done an event because the site traffic rockets (relatively speaking). Now in the 21 months since I began this blog I’ve never topped 170 hits in a day but I think the 26,000 hits is more than respectable.

As I write, with just two hours left before midnight, traffic is in the mid-140s but I wondered if I could by artificial means kick it beyond 170 and even above 200 which is where you guys come in. I shall be posting a link to this post on Twitter and Alphainventions and a couple of other places to see what happens. If you use Twitter why not follow me, retweet my message and see how many hits we can get in two hours.

Will be interesting to see how rapid the growth is. Whatever happens I will report back the results once midnight has passed.


  1. Final total for the day was 1082, waaaay more than I expected which just goes to show what can be achieved with a little effort

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