Posted by: crustynomad | March 17, 2009

My, how the traffic flowed…

So here’s an overview of last night’s web traffic experiment…

To sum up I promoted a fairly mundane blog post using Twitter and Alpha Inventions though I did use quite a provocative title merely calling it Web Traffic Tart. This basically meant that I was going to go for whatever traffic I could get by whatever means.

There was no specific targetting just a blast of social networking promotion. I was clear from the outset that the experiment was to last less than two hours so there’s been no activity in that sense for the last 13 hours.

Now, to give you some context the traffic on my ‘random thoughts’ blog hovers around the 50 hits a day mark or about 1500 per month. Last night, at just gone 10.00pm, it was at about 140 mainly due to my Tony Robbins articles which were being viewed by people who attended his latest event this past weekend.

I added a post to the blog explaining what I was doing regarding my mercenary need to traffic. I then added the post to Alpha Inventions, Twitter and then started reposting links to old general interest articles on topics such as sport, health, government and music.

The results just blew me away….

In the one hour 50 minutes before midnight the hit counter increased from 140 to 1,085 which was a massive improvement on my previous record of 170 by some 638%!

It didn’t stop there as the current figures for today stand at 797 with another four hours left. This means that my best ever monthly stat of 2292 has been smashed and is now 2567 with over 14 days of March still to go.

How meaningful the stats are I cannot really say but it was still an interesting experiment. Yesterday’s post unsurprisingly got considerably more hits than the older stories but they all increased to some extent with many more receiving views today.

Let’s see how things develop…


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