Posted by: crustynomad | March 19, 2009

‘Table dancing or accountancy? Hmm…’

I overheard a weird conversation on the bus yesterday. There were two lads of a school leaving age talking about school and education generally. One said he was going to go to university and the other couldn’t understand why.

“C’mon man! I can’t believe you wanna do that! I’ve done years at primary school and years a secondary school. I’ve had enough – doing anymore would be just wasting my time.”

OK, so there’s some part of that I can maybe understand but his argument for dropping learning floundered by what came next…

“I actually want to get into business and accounting.”

So let’s get this straight. You are a school leaver and you want to do accounting which, and I am no expert on such matters, requires years of study to qualify for or else you have not a hope in hell of making a career out of it. Business on the other hand is a little different because entreprenneurs have earned millions without a qualification to their name but even so…

The conversation got weirder still when he talked about a particular business idea he’d had.

“I fancy being a promoter too. I have this idea about starting a table dancing club for teenagers. It would be safe environment for them so they don’t have to look at stuff in a magazine.”

OK, so I may have paraphrased the last sentence but that’s essentially what he said. He wanted to either be an unqualified accountant or table danceing club promoter for kids. That’s even worse than the work experience guy who had a spell at a previous company I worked for whose aspirations were to be either be a graphic designer or an airline pilot.



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