Posted by: crustynomad | March 30, 2009

Crap Towns

Subway - one of the attractions we visited in Grantham

Subway - one of the attractions we visited in Grantham

I guess many will have seen the Crap Towns books but I wondered if anyone wanted to make their own nominations.

This was inspired by a trip I took on Saturday…

On Friday we took the kids to Stamford in Lincolnshire. This is a beautiful stone town and the place of my birth. We went because the fair was in town and it’s a great setting to see the rides right in the centre of town and on the meadows. They had a great time but I spent an absolute fortune! Anyway, I’d promised to take them on a train on Saturday and under normal circumstances I’d have suggested Stamford as it was quite close but I didn’t want another day shelling out for candy floss, plastic rubbish and two seconds of mild amusement.

So, to keep costs down, I suggested some other nearby towns. They didn’t want Huntingdon which left March, Ely, Spalding, Grantham and couple of others. They went for Grantham.

I tried to talk them out of it, really I did but Grantham it had to be so £18 later and bag full unhealthy ‘picnic’ snacks later we arrived. My God, that place looks dreadful these days. We were only there an hour and it rained. The market was on but it just looked so grim and depressing. The kids were well cheesed off but they got half a sub from Subway and book from ‘The Works’ for their troubles. A thoroughly miserable experience.

For that reason my nomination for crap town is Grantham. What’s yours?



  1. I can’t really argue with Grantham – I had the misfortune to live there for a couple of years in the early 90s and it’s a ghastly place. Certainly Basildon should be up there, a Grade A 100% Crap Town if ever there was one. I’ve not been there for years (thank god) but remember it being particularly horrible. And if I can bring this topic into the international arena, there’s plenty of crap towns in California. Everyone I know here would nominate Fresno, the US version of Grantham, only multiplied by about 3,000.

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