Posted by: crustynomad | April 1, 2009

Life defining moments

At the end of the film Love Actually it has a scene where lots people meet up and hug with loved ones at Heathrow Airport in London. The backing track is by The Beach Boys and is called ‘God only knows (what I’d be without you)’.

Fast forward this clip to 2:50. Makes me well up every time…

Love Actually – God Only Knows

This made me think about where I’d be if I hadn’t met my wife when I did because my life could’ve turned out very different. In early 1998 I had the chance to go round the world for a year but I bottled it but within a few weeks I met my now wife through the newspaper, moved in, got engaged and in July we were expecting our first child. If I’d gone none of these would’ve happened.

Other defining moments include when I once picked up a biro and started sketching at home. I’d given up on art for about three years and was doing clerical work at the time but at that moment I decided to have another go and within a few days a job came up in the in-house design studio. I’ve now been a graphic designer for 20 years.

I changed jobs about 8 months before the department there closed and everyone was made redundant. When my next company relocated it coincided to the day with a job being advertised for my current position.

What events in your life have set you on an unexpected course? Has it been for the better or do you regret a missed opportunity?

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