Posted by: crustynomad | April 2, 2009

Is this most disturbing candy on sale?

Is this the most disturbing sweet on sale? Just think about how children will get the candy.

…and from the same company…

Other candy snacks that are questionable to say the least is the tempting Toxic Waste Sour Candy, Nuclear Sludge Bar and the delightfully named Frog Spit Lemon and Lime Sherbert Pops.


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  2. Toxic Waste Sour Candy? Frog Spit Lemon? This sounds like Monty Python Ram’s Bladder Cup and Crunchy Frog to me. I don’t know, it’s probably a sign of the times – I remember those sweet cigarettes in the 80s, I seem to recall they got banned at our school. Although nothing was as disturbing or dangerous as Texan bars, they were lethal. I wonder how many kids lost teeth trying to chew on those damn things?

    • Bloodh hell! Texan bars! How easy it is to forget all that stuff…

      Do you remember the Nutty bar? A lump of caramel coated in peanuts. My favourite despite looking like a bear’s doo-doo

  3. I vaguely recall the Nutty bar – sounds positively vile though. I miss a lot of the British chocolate bars, you can get some over here but have to seek them out. A friend of the wife’s recently visited the UK and brought me back a Crunchie, needless to say it lasted about 5 seconds before getting scoffed.

    How about United bars – are they still available, a clever idea latching onto the nascent football boom of the 1970s. And Trio bars – now they were great!

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