Posted by: crustynomad | April 15, 2009

Define Success

Earlier today I posted a couple of questions on a forum on the topics of sibling rivalry and the definition of success. As both overlapped in interesting ways I wanted to compile a few of the thoughts down as a way garnering further opinion. Basically I want you to define in a few words what you think success is and what it means to you personally.

Some people may attach the word success only with money or power. Others may define it as living in a free country or being able to sleep in till lunch time. Here are some of the responses received so far:

  • I’m not bothered by status and money. I like looking after others and having others to look after me. If I had that all my life and felt relatively happy, I’d feel my life was a success.
  • I think success is achieving your personal aims. I’ve achieved none of mine.
  • Success: an event that accomplishes its intended purpose. So relating to human terms, surely it’s to procreate… leave something behind once we’re gone.
  • For myself, leaving this world, and being remembered would be a great sucess. Not sure how I will be well known… but hopefully I will.
  • Success is the satisfaction of a job done well done.
  • If you’re enjoying life and so are your family who cares? I’m not very succesful at most things I do, but I enjoy life that’s good enough for me. Some people get lucky, some are smarter it’s not about what you have it’s about how much you appreciate it.

One person went into a little more detail on their thoughts and I felt this was a pretty good summing up of a subject of which there is no definitive answer. What is right for one person is plainly not right for another. Also, success has no end point because there always another level to aspire too.

It’s not that easy. You need to dig deep within yourself and question your values. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What different things are important to you? Success has multiple pinnacles and not one ultimate peak. One success builds on another. Setbacks and mistakes also help to build success. At different periods of your life, success is defined differently.

Now it’s your turn. Use the comment box below to add your thoughts on the subject and tell us what success means to you. Remember there are no right or wrong answers but whatever yousay will a valued contribution to the discussion.

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