Posted by: crustynomad | October 3, 2009

Norwich or Peterborough to bid for 2028 Olympics!

Update (05/10/2009): It seems it was a joke as the wikipedia page has been updated to remove the reference listed below.

This has to be a joke surely!

With plans already in place to build a 100’000 capacity sports stadium in Eastern England, championed and proposed under the Labour administration of Gordon Brown, either of these two Cities [Peterborough or Norwich] will be expected to bid as part of that process. However, with the 2012 games having been held in London only sixteen years earlier, the bid is expected to fall short. However, officials backing the bid have already cited the close gap between the games being held in the USA in 1984 and 1996-a gap of only twelve years. Norwich is the favourite at the present time, with additional facilities including a revamped Carrow Road, home of the football club, as well as those at the UEA. Water based events will be held at Pensthorpe, near Fakenham.

Here’s a picture of Pensthorpe…

…and Carrow Road as Olympic Stadium?

Hmmm, wonder if I can sub-let our house to an Arab Prince…


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