Posted by: crustynomad | October 5, 2009

Mark Wallington: Author, Screenwriter and Jobbing Gardener

Does the name Mark Wallington mean anything to you? No, I’m not talking about the former Leicester and Lincoln City goalkeeper but the author and TV screenwriter of the same name.

He’s probably best known for his book 500 mile walkies but there were a few others that made it to TV too including the Missing Postman with James Bolam and Happy Birthday Mr Shakespeare starring Neil Morrissey. The latter, coincidentally, that saw a relationship start between Morrissey and co-star Amanda Holden which reportedly lead to the break-up her marriage to Les Dennis.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I’ve recently been re-reading his book called The Day Job about his life a jobbing gardner in 1980. What will perhaps be interesting to people on here is that his ‘other’ job was as an aspiring comedy writer. It talks about meeting director John Lloyd and Dave Allen and finally getting two sketches on Not the Nine O’clock News. The news comes the day John Lennon was shot.

If you want to read a funny book and get a flavour of someone’s struggle to be recognised in the comedy world I would heartily recommend it. You can even read some of the book online.

Also of interest is that his writing partner at the time was Dick Fiddy, a TV historian who wrote Missing Presumed Wiped: Searching for the Lost Treasures of British Televison.

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