Posted by: crustynomad | October 16, 2009

Frankie say…Marketing!

The 1980s pop group, Frankie goes to Hollywood, are back in the public eye with a remix of their classic track, Relax, and a new Best of collection called Frankie Say Greatest.

The marketing for this has been interesting. It has come on the back of the Virgin TV advert and commemorates the 25th anniversary of the bands debut album, Welcome to the Pleasuredome. Singer Holly Johnson’s solo albums are now all available to download online for the first time with physical CD reissues planned for next year I understand.

A few weeks ago there was a teaser campaign with Frankie Say Coming posters across London and last month the Frankie Say T-Shirt was the focus of 25 years of British fashion design. Not only that, CD promos of 11 remixes of Relax have been circulating and unsurprisingly these tracks can now be found on the net. This was always likely but is it all a ploy by generate interest? If that was the case it has certainly worked.

Social networking has also played a part in the success of this campaign with a multitude of postings on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook with Holly himself even getting in on the act. The producers of the new video – which hints at the Virgin ad that sparked all this new interest – invited people to appear by publicising auditions on a variety of media.

Frankie fans, this is your golden opportunity to be in Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s brand new video.

The new ‘Relax’ video shoot is taking place next Monday afternoon in London, and we’re offering one of you (plus friend) the chance to be in it.

It’s a very high profile music video for Universal Records and is going to be shown on all major music television networks, so it’s a great opportunity to be a star!

We are looking for 100 extras to party on the magnificent Kensington Roof Gardens , the music video will be fun, bright and sexy dance based video incorporating a great choreographed routine, a hot pilot dj, and some scorching air hottest podium dancers! A giant martini glass takes centre stage and the rocking club reaches fever pitch as the extras will be having fun, dancing at Kensington High street!

So if you want to have some fun and get a really good exposure please apply now!

*Please note!*

Entrants must be aged 18 and over
Entrants must be able to attend on the stated date; October 5th from mid afternoon through to the evening
Travel expenses will not be reimbursed for winners travel to and from Central London
There is no guarantee that the footage filmed will be used in the final cut
The competition closes at 12pm Friday 2nd October

Will all this lead to a big hit? Probably, especially as Holly himself has appeared in the new video for the song.


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