Posted by: crustynomad | December 2, 2009

Checklist for writing newsletters

Questions to consider when writing a newsletter are:

Why am I writing a newsletter?

  • what do you want to achieve by having such a publication?
  • what are the long-term goals?
  • how often will it be published?
  • how will you judge its success or failure?
  • What format will it be? Will it be print only, email or PDF download?

Who is my readership?

  • what type of person will be reading the newsletter?
  • what is the appropriate style and tone of the publication?
  • what impression do you want to make?
  • do you want feedback and will this be managed?
  • who else is writing for your market and how?

What should it look like?

  • what the most suitable format if it is being printed? (paper stock, colours, layout etc)
  • how many pages will it have?
  • what type of imagery should be used?
  • will anyone else be contributing content?

What is the schedule for production?

  • when do your readers need to receive your newsletter?
  • has adequate time been built in to cover production and printing?
  • who are you relying on to produce content or deliver copies?
  • have you allowed time for thorough proof reading and sign-off procedures?

I hope these brief checklists were useful to you. I shall return to this topic in due course to give a more detailed overview of the subject.


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