Posted by: crustynomad | February 25, 2010

HotLINX, the Magazine for the London Internet Exchange, is 10 Years Old This Year

One of my tasks in recent weeks has been the co-ordination and design of the latest edition of the London Internet Exchange’s membership magazine, HotLINX. When the first edition was published in the year 2000, it was intended to be an occasional, LINX member only newsletter. Over time it has developed to become a regular quarterly publication read by stakeholders right across the Internet industry.

Articles have covered technical and regulatory news, LINX member stories, event reviews, meeting sponsor advertorials, opinion pieces and helpful ‘How to…’ guides. Recipients include LINX members, vendors, colocation providers, news agencies as well as government officials and policy makers concerned with Internet regulation.

Traditionally HotLINX contained eight pages with a print run of just a few hundred copies. Following the success of the relaunch issue in August 2008, it quickly expanded to 12 and then a 16 page format with an increased circulation of 1250 printed copies distributed to some 50 countries worldwide. Then, in November 2009, LINX commemorated its 15th anniversary with a special edition of the magazine and made all archive issues available for download, some for the very first time.

The latest issue, HotLINX21, went online at 9.45am on Thursday 18 February and, as I type, has had over 450 downloads. This has helped all downloads break the 12000 barrier since August 2007. While these are not huge figures they have been seen in the context of the target audience and the rate of growth over the past year.

In February 2009 HotLINX17 was published and this is about to be the first to break the 2000 mark for downloads. The main story in that issue was peer to peer file sharing which was a big legal story at the time. In HotLINX21 it has been the Digital Economy Bill that has been the most picked up story so clearly there is some interest out there in what LINX is doing in Public Affairs. This the fact was demonstrated by the number of people Twittering about our Digital Economy Bill article…which was then re-tweeted…and so on.

HotLINX22 is now in the planning stage and is set for even more changes as we seek to expand the readership still further. This blog is sure to include announcements nearer the time so check back soon for more information.

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