Posted by: crustynomad | May 21, 2010

Penalty ‘feints’ banned ahead of World Cup

From the BBC Sport website

Penalty-takers will no longer be allowed to halt at the end of their run-ups to try to fool the goalkeeper.

The International Football Association Board has decided it is “unsporting behaviour” and made it a yellow card offence in time for the World Cup.

Personally I think that a player can take a penalty any way he jolly well likes as long as it’s a single kick at goal. The feinting and stutter is actually a fairly tricky skill which is why so few do it. It’s an unnatural way of approaching the ball especially in a pressurised situation.

Because it is a skill and a single kick, it should be allowed. It’s not the takers fault that the goalkeeper commits himself by diving early.

Stuttering is fair game though having said that, John Aldridge used to really annoy me the way he’d take a kick and he got his just desserts by being the first person to miss a pen in an FA Cup Final.

Goalkeepers do seek to gain an advantage by moving and I’d ask you, when did you see that rule effectively applied? It’s one kick, towards one goal – how the ball gets there is of no consequence.

The act of kicking a ball takes a fraction of a second. There are no flicks, back flips or cartwheels involved. It is a single contact between foot and football towards a netted-rectangle 12 yards away. Simples.

When I was a goalkeeper I just ignored the run up and concentrated on the ball and watched which direction it went. At least then I had a chance of stopping it as I knew was going to dive the right way. I wasn’t relying on guesswork. OK, I didn’t save every one but my record wasn’t that bad.

Oh, and while we’re at it, look at Jerzy Dudek’s outrageous behaviour in the Champions League final in 2005. It’s appalling gamesmanship…and I’m speaking as a Liverpool fan!

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