Posted by: crustynomad | May 25, 2010

Mexico’s World Cup Coverage in ’70 and ’86

On one of the World Cup discussion forums someone commented on the poor quality pictures at the Mexico World Cup in 1986. I have to admit they weren’t great but I wouldn’t have had them any other way.

Can you imagine what seeing the first Mexico World Cup in 1970 would’ve been like after the black and white of ’66. All that colour – it just looked so exotic. In 1986 the pictures looked much the same but they did at least improve on the problems of the light and shade that haunted the earlier broadcasts. If a camera panned into the sunlight in 1970, whiteness would bleach out screen akin to staring at the sun using binoculars.

Mexico in 1970 and 1986 are regarded as probably the best two World Cups and it’s hard to disagree. The only differences visually between those tournaments were the go-faster stripes of the kits in 1986. Apart from England in their first couple of games and Scotland against Uruguay I don’t really recall their being a bad game. Someone will tell me otherwise I’m sure.

I was too young to remember West Germany ’74 but look at the video and the quality is not too dissimilar to what it is now. If Mexico were ever to be hosts again I would hope they go for the bright fuzzy colours of old just for nostalgia’s sake but unfortunately we would get the clinical HD sharpness instead.

Somehow it wouldn’t be quite the same.

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