Posted by: crustynomad | May 2, 2012

My goal to lose 4 stone 4 pounds in 444 days

Yesterday I made a public pledge on Facebook to lose weight. Not just any amount of weight but four stone and four pounds, 60lbs in all. I’m giving myself 444 days to do it in by which time I will be 44 and back to a normal weight and the correct body mass index for my height.

To reach this goal I will need to lose approximately 4lbs per month for 15 months which should be quite straightforward for the first month or two because I will be eating more sensibly anyway but there will come a point where I reach a plateau and will then need to make other fundamental life changes to keep up the momentum. I see that as the biggest challenge.

I’ve neglected my fitness for a while now but the longer I leave it the harder it will be to get back to the level I want to be. I’ve run four marathons, several half-marathons and numerous 10Ks so I have it in me. I merely have to reverse the trend and work my way back to a sustainable level taking in to account that I’m no longer in my 20-30s.

Entry for the 2013 London Marathon is open now so I may tie the goal in with breaking 4 hours 45 minutes  (4:44). That would be a personal best – unofficially I’ve run 4:57:29 but that doesn’t take into account the 12 minutes it took me to cross the start line! It would be great to get under five hours officially.

Anyway, that was the basics, what did I actually DO yesterday to move me towards my goal?

Well, at lunchtime I had the opportunity to go to the pub for a free meal and a beer because we had a visitor to the office. I turned that down because I wanted to make a point of starting rather than waiting another day. I know I could’ve chosen healthy options but it was more a statement of intent.

I headed to Tesco and bought a selection of healthier lunch options for a grand total of £8. This will have a side benefit of preventing me overspending in places such as Subway so it will be an opportunity to save pounds of another variety.

While I was there I got myself weighed and checked my BMI. Currently I am 16 stone 5.2lbs (104kg) with a 35.0 BMI reading. These figures weren’t really a surprise but they did highlight just how far I have to go. With those figures in mind I headed back to the office for lunch. I had two pitta breads with a green salad and cherry tomatoes with a little coleslaw.

Before I went home I set up a ticker to monitor my progress which I will make more publicly viewable so people can track my progress and make sure I’m not slipping up. I will get this added to the page later but for the moment you can view it here:

On may way home I made a point of walking past a couple of bus stops so these little extras can help build a momentum. That, and using the stairs, effectively was my additional exercise for the day.

Overall I drank more water and less coffee during the day, had some nuts and raisins for a snack plus a banana too. My evening meal was pork in an oniony sauce with some oven-cooked diced potato, basically a geometrically different form of chip.

My evening meals are likely to be a key aspect of this challenge as it’s when we all sit down together as a family. Obviously I want us all to eat well but I don’t want to force my diet on to other people. Therefore I see this time of day as the point where I can relax a little which will take a bit of the pressure off myself.

I have a habit of eating some extraordinarily bad things at bad times of the day but I had nothing last night. Didn’t feel the need but I can’t pretend I will always feel like that.

Right, I think that’s enough for now. Please check back later for further news on my progress. 🙂

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