Posted by: crustynomad | May 5, 2012

Dieting using cheesy nachos and community radio

So here we are on day three of the big 444 day plan and I have to say we’re ticking over quite nicely actually. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be dumb enough to claim that I have this cracked but what has been apparent is that some of my bad habits have been born out of boredom and doing stuff for the sake of it.

The late night eating ended up being something I did as part of a much bigger and badder late night ritual of TV, Internet surfing and general idling when I could be using my time far more constructively…with more sleep for a kick-off! As it stands all I need to do is remind myself that the eating part is part of the old me and that I don’t need it to be part of my life now. Anything I have had has been no more than a grape or two or a sip of water. Maybe that’s still not the right thing to be doing but hey, it has to be better than cheesy nachos and multiple cups of coffee.

So what happened today..?

Well, I had a couple of bits of granary toast for breakfast, some fruit and nuits for a snack and plenty of the H2O. At lunchtime there was another opportunity to head out with the office crowd to welcome a new member of staff. This time I did go but I took the ‘Lite’ pizza option (483 cals) which was basically a half size pizza and a salad washed down with an orange juice.

Normally I’d be loaded up with a full blown pizza and a beer, a starter and sometimes even a dessert. I’ll admit I was a little jealous watching the others eat but what I had filled me up perfectly adequately. It would’ve been very easy to go with the flow especially as the company was paying so I was quite proud of myself.

Ironically the evening meal was those cheesy nachos (and Mexican finger food) I used to reserve for the early hours but I was fairly restrained this time. It was a family meal afterall and nice to talk about our respective days had been. And that was that. Not had anything else so these baby steps dietwise are merely chipping away at the old ways so I’d be very surprised if I’ve lost nothing come Tuesday’s weigh-in. I’ve had no crisps, chocoalete or biscuits either and am probably up about 5% in my exercise which, again, is a start.

Workwise it was a bit stressful as I was trying to finalise some designs for promotional merchandising for an event in a fortnight. Lots of tooing and froing, arguing about suppliers and quotes, layouts etc. I got it cracked by the end of the day but working at that level of intensity is not good and I’ve had it most of the week. Some positive self-talk and deep breathing when I feel things getting out of control will help me keep that in check.

One other thing I have to report is that my wife has signed up on a mentoring website to help people going through difficult times. She has already had feedback to say thanks from a parent for assistance with an issue they had at school. This she found uplifting and empowering and I can certainly relate because I’ve done something similar myself with friends, students and writers using the skills I learned on my life coaching course.

I am interested in signing up myself but if this challenge tells you anything it will be that focusing my efforts on others could actually be a distraction to avoid what I need to do myself. It’s ultimately about balance because giving is very important but I need to ensure it’s not to prevent me dealing with the issues with my own life.

It’s the weekend tomorrow and I have my radio on Peterborough FM at 8:00pm BST. You can listen in wherever you are online at and I’m going to use the show as a vehicle for my challenge – I can’t be much more public in my intention than a radio broadcast so please tune in to the Pleasuredome Pick’n’Mix to follow my progress.

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