Posted by: crustynomad | May 7, 2012

Buffet the diet slayer!

So this was my first weekend of the 444 day / lose 4 stone 4lbs project and a bank holiday weekend at that. On working days I do at least feel a little more in control because I’m not balancing convenience and choosy kids when preparing meals but overall it hasn’t been too bad. I’ll admit I’ve slipped a little in the evenings but no where to the extreme levels I was at prior to last week so as long as I’m aware of it now I can get back on track on Tuesday.

I did get some decent exercise on Saturday morning by shifting a load of bricks from the front of the house to the back. I was carrying four or five at a time and must’ve made 10 trips of about 25m so that was pretty hard work. Today I did about a mile and half walking to Tesco and back so that’s again a useful habit to get into…not that the non-existent bus service gave me any choice!

On Saturday evening I had my radio show on Peterborough FM (Pleasuredome Pick’n’Mix – 8-10pm). It was my intention to announce my new healthy eating project but it completely went out of my head mainly because one of the artists I featured had a load fans that were listening in and posting comments on the show’s Facebook page. No matter, I have plenty of time to put that right. Ha!

Project Countdown Clock

Today (Monday) we had my brother and his family and my dad come over to visit and we prepared a decent buffet for everyone. On the menu was a salad, egg and ham sandwiches, mini quiches (bacon and mushroom), chicken nuggets, savoury rice, crisps and home made cheese and tomato pizzas on pitta breads. There were some mini fairy cakes, scones and my sister-in-law brought a chocolate spnge with her too.

I had three or four sandwiches, some salad, a little of the the pizza, way too many of the mini quiches and one each of the cakes. I guess that as I technically didn’t have lunch…or breakfast for that matter…it wasn’t too bad. Hmm, I’ve only just realised the lack of the first two meals of the day. I was up late because I was catching up on sleep and technically worked through lunch getting the house straight but not eating at set times is something I know is not to be encouraged.

Right that’s me done for the night – Tuesday is my first weigh-in so I will report back tomorrow with the results…

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