Posted by: crustynomad | May 14, 2012

Weign-in #2 approaching – nerves a-janglin’

So here we are on Monday lunchtime with approximately 43 hours until the next weigh-in. Overall I’m still performing better than before the plan began but I’ve not not done as good as I might’ve done this past week. I really need to get some proper exercise and the threatened announcement that will form part of that is no nearer to happening. I need to pull my finger out.

I have so many little jobs that I could cross off my list that I just need to get on and do them. This involves some paperwork from an accident claim from our car crash last year and various other admin tasks not to mention the prep for a meeting tomorrow. It could be embarrassing if I don’t get that done.

The reason for the update now is that just delivered to the office are several pizzas along with some rather sumptious snacks including flapjacks and various chocolate coated yummies. Coincidentally I have very little money on me today so the pizza does help save the pounds but I shall have to be far more restrained than normal. Usually when we get these deliveries I have been known to have anything up to eight slices and take the leftovers home afterwards – no such luxuries today with that weigh-in looming.


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