Posted by: crustynomad | June 6, 2014

Worth the weight?

jezzaAfter a long time of not posting I thought I’d post a few nuggets of what’s been going on over the last few years. This blog has been a bit of a dumping ground for big ideas which have since evaporated. It’s a bit embarrassing to look back if I’m honest but I guess it gives an idea about me as a person.

Since my last update I’ve separated from my wife but I’ve met someone new and life generally is good. Work is going well, money is not as tight as it once was and over the last three months I’ve lost over a stone in weight.

For this first post I will focus on this last aspect – the words are taken from a forum post which announced my initial progress.

14th March

Last Thursday I started a sponsored slim in aid of a care scheme’s social fund for the elderly. This will enable them to go on trips and also have special events arranged at the home itself. Last night was the first weigh-in since I started and over the last 7 days I’ve lost….11 POUNDS!!!

I’ve been asked about how I did it and if I’m honest it was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. It has taken some self control but it hasn’t needed me to run a daily marathon or anything.

Foodwise my breakfast is about 60-70g museli with semi-skimmed milk and lunch is a chunky but tasty ham or chicken sandwich with no mayo on wholemeal bread with salad and possibly a nice low fat dressing. I sometimes have a chilli flavour dressing so even if it may seem fairly bland at first sight it has a bit of a kick.

Morning and afternoon snacks are either fruit or a couple of spicy crackers (no spread) and I’ve cut back on tea and coffee and skipped the sugar. I have a tiny bit in coffee but I drink tea mostly now. All in all I have half the hot drinks a day I used to and have replaced them with water and the occasional fruit juice.

Oh, I’ve probably also been helped by giving up wine and chocolate for Lent though I have had a couple of beers and a vodka and a diet coke. Tend not to drink during the week anyway.

For my evening meal it’s again about being sensible in quantities – think about what you want and take 2-3 forkfulls off to lower your intake. Get plenty of veg, use low fat spray when frying anything and make sure that whatever you have it has flavour – bland is just boring.

Exercise-wise I’ve been walking more by getting off at earlier bus stops and and taking some long routes to places if I need to go anywhere. Advance planning comes into that so you have make the time to do it – it’s nice to get a bit of fresh air too. I was stunned by the amount I lost but it’s clear to me that you don’t have to go bonkers to make a difference.

Keys for me were to drink more water and less caffeine or fizzy drinks, replace snacks with something flavoursome or fruity, cut back on the alcohol a bit and walk a bit more. The final key is to choose a goal and have a reason to keep to it – mine is linked to a good cause and it has an end date so it will keep me focused.

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