Crusty Nomad is a blog about life….No, actually it’s a blog about ‘stuff’.

Yeah, that sounds better. It’s a blog about my stuff, my views on the world plus other bits ‘n’ bobs that interest, puzzle and amuse me.

Whether you – the reader – will benefit is uncertain but the plan is to fill this site with useful nuggets which will hopefully enhance your life in some little way. Whether it does or not let me know.

FAQ (Singular)

‘What does Crusty Nomad actually mean?’

The term Crusty Nomad was a couplet of words that I picked designed to be memorable. As you don’t hear the two terms together it acts as a neuro-jolt which means it’s more likely to be remembered than some other bland expression used a thousand times before.

Crusty Nomad is in fact the type of term you would expect to see Googlewhacked. Googlewhacking is a game whereby you take two unrelated words and insert them (without speech marks and the like) into Google search to see if you can find just one search result.

Some old examples include: semiglossy proletariat, erotomaniacal pimpmobile, logocentric celebrityhood, megabladder tadpole and skimboarding housecats.

Remember that all these examples were ‘out there’ and actually yielded a single search result. However, the moment it gets added to the list it no longer becomes a Google whack as it has been mentioned twice.

Follow the link above to see what it’s all about. It’s fun to try but virtually impossible to achieve these days after the expansion of the web.

Anyway, having lived with the words Crusty Nomad for a while now I do think there is relevance to the name. I’m not one for shouting from the roof tops and have been described as ‘the quiet one’ on more than one occasion in the past. At 39 there will be some that call me a little Crusty for my age. I don’t have an unpleasant skin condition so that should rule that out as a reason for a nickname too.

Nomad, however, is an interesting one. I was a bit of a loner in the past though eight years of marriage and then three children make that a physical impossibility these days. It is a word though that works pretty well for the site as I will be wandering fairly aimlessly amongst a variety of topics and dealing with them in a very unstructured way.

I would like to spark debate so if you do read a piece note that I will be inserting ‘an edge’ here and there to get you talking. I certainly don’t want the site to be an alternative to chemical or holistic sleep remedies.



  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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